Wakehurst History

The story of Wakehurst is one of struggle and survival. Overcoming a succession of obstacles in its early life, from developmental delays, opposition from environmental and community groups, and continued financial pressure to emerge as a true gem on the Northern Beaches and a must for every golfer.

The initial idea for Wakehurst began in 1960 when the future of Balgowlah Golf Club seemed uncertain; however, it was another nine years before a lease was signed for land in War Memorial Park upon which to construct Wakehurst. Twelve years went by before the Club was opened by Sir Robert and Lady Askin, early in 1972. The long-awaited celebrations were short-lived. Spiralling inflation, poor course condition, boundary disputes and environmental group pressure resulted in the Club struggling for Members and under significant financial stress. Generous support from remaining Members and volunteer groups managed to keep the Club afloat until a more permanent solution was found.

The turning point came in 1984 when the club was registered as a waste disposal depot and signed a contract with G&H Todd, permitting them to dump waste on the course in exchange for financial remuneration and assistance redeveloping the course. This proved to be the Clubs salvation. Membership numbers increased steadily, the course improved markedly, and financial stability followed.

Improvements continue to this day, making Wakehurst arguably one of the best golf courses in Sydney.